Taking Stock: February 2016

I found this idea when I was learning about the monthly challenge The Changing Season. I was going to incorporate the two but it didn’t make sense to do that and so, at least for now, I will post this on the first Saturday of each new month. There are a whole list of verbs to answer but I chose only the ones that were pertinent to me for this month. You can find the entire list by clicking here.

Making : Room for a new filing cabinet.
Cooking: Cakes with pie filling substituted for the water and oil. My favorite was the spice cake with apple pie filling and cream cheese frosting.

Drinking: Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon This is a good wine and very affordable. I’ll buy some bottled red wines from Virginia wineries when they WOW me, but that hasn’t happened lately and my stock is low.

Reading: Our Endless Numbered Days. I was hoping to share the link to my review of this book but even though I posted it, it is not showing up. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it. The author Claire Fuller blogs on WordPress, find her stories here.

Playing: Words With Friends…always
Waiting: For Spring

Learning: To Make a Sunflower wreath for my door! I attended a class at the local Home Decor shop, Simply Divine. How do you like my wreath?

Snacking: I’m on a pretzel and cheese sticks kick.
Watching: My son and his GF of four months fall in love.

Buying: This month’s large purchase was a four drawer file cabinet from Wayfair. I haven’t actually unwrapped it yet but I can tell you, so far, I am not impressed with Wayfair and their delivery system. This was delivered to my sidewalk instead of my front porch. It’s a good thing my son happened to come home otherwise it could have sat out there for days. I ask, why would I want it delivered to my sidewalk?


Needing: To Remember my 2016 Goals
Wearing: Mostly pajama’s. I’ve got the February blah’s

Cringing At: Trump Rallies
My artsy friends.
Sorting: Papers from the 20 year old filing cabinet I just threw away.

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