Friday Fictioneer: This is Why

Jeffrey’s father worked at the local manufacturing plant his whole life. He encouraged his children, every evening, to get an education so they did not “end up there”.

Not that it was a bad job. It had provided his family a comfortable home and allowed him and his sister to go to college.

When Jeffery met Sharon he was glad his father had insisted on his education. He got a job downtown and within two years had enough for a ring. They were married last fall at the Country Club. Jeffrey knew from the look on his dad’s face, he had made him proud.

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.

Those of you who have consistently read my fiction stories know that I tend to lean toward the plausible. Very few people are murdered on these pages. It’s just not what I write. My dream has always been to write/report human interest stories. I think that comes through in my fiction stories as well.

This week the closest I will probably ever get to realizing that dream came true when an essay I wrote about our country bridges was published as the cover story in a local magazine. I’m sharing this here today with you because like I always say, I can’t be famous unless everyone knows about me.

Here is the cover.

69 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer: This is Why

  1. Great news about the publication – I think it must be good to have guideline around one’s writing. There is nothing wrong with being plausible.


  2. Bravo to you! I’m with you on the plausible (actually, most of my fiction is based on reality so… I’m not really a fiction writer all that much now, am I?)


  3. That’s pretty much the same message my Dad had for me, and I ended up with three university degrees and thankfully, for the most part, gainfully employed over the decades.

    I did read an article a day or so ago that said there’s a real crisis in Canadian college grads not being able to find jobs, even with degrees in technology and engineering.

    The trades aren’t a bad way to go. A uni degree is no promise of a good life.


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  5. Congrats on your story getting publish, that is HUGE. I liked the matter of fact feeling of this story, sometimes that is what life is.


  6. I’m glad I wrote my post before I read yours.

    Congrats on the publication and I loved the story. I think every child yearns to make the father proud, I know I did.


  7. My dad as well as many other parents thought tha way years back but there was a certain paradox, because they raised a generation that despised physical work and the old folks tended to scorn “today’s kids who don’t know how to do a day’s work.” I’m glad things went better in this family.


  8. Lovely tale Dawn. There’s nothing like a beloved parent being proud of you – almost as good as being proud of your own kids! And congrats for the essay publication – that’s really wonderful and you should be proud of yourself 🙂


  9. I certainly enjoy the stories about real human behavior more than ones that seem to glorify murders, so keep it up. And three cheers for you getting your essay in the magazine, that’s great! I loved your line about you can’t be famous unless everyone knows you, that cracked me up.


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