Festival of Leaves 2017 ~ Week #7: Colors Along Passage Creek

I took a little trip through Fort Valley recently and noticed the colors were more vibrant along Passage Creek, which only gives credence to the belief that drier weather (like we have had this year) makes for less vivid autumn colors.

I love Autumn and for the last few years my blogging friend Verena has hosted a weekly autumn Festival of Leaves challenge. Verena, so far this year, is MIA so because I love this challenge, I have decided to host until she returns.

Every Thursday morning I will post a picture of the changing leaves in my area. I encourage you all to do the same. It’s great fun. You can link up with me by using a pingback or leaving your link in the comments to this post and I will choose a favorite for the week, and share it here.

Fall Foliage Prediction Map
Techniques for Fall Color Photography

Autumn is my favorite season. See more images of autumn by clicking here: A Lingering Look at Autumn

3 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2017 ~ Week #7: Colors Along Passage Creek

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