Pretty Glassware at Clementine Vintage

I spent a lot of time recently at Clementine Vintage in Strasburg interviewing Susan Haynes for Women’s History Month. Susan is a mother, entrepreneur, wife, business owner, and active member in our community. Her story is here.

She also has a good eye for glassware, antiques, vintage items, and gifts. I spotted these in her store. What year do you suppose?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Glasses, Cups, or Saucers

8 thoughts on “Pretty Glassware at Clementine Vintage

  1. I am terrible with years for ceramics and pottery – I wonder if these are more than 100 years. I am always amazed when a tour dealers can flip a piece over and find the smallest mark and then date the piece and name the maker – it give details – I like the three pieces you featured – they remind me a little bit of Phaltzgraff from a 70s line


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