Taking Stock: September 2020

Making : I didn’t make it but my friend Ann at Mountain Ridge Creations made me this sweet book cover/carry case.

Reading: The Women on the Orient Express by Lindsay Ashford
One Small Sacrifice by Hilary Davidson

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Deciding: I’m more confused than ever!

Enjoying: The Festival of Leaves

Loving: When my blogging friends draw inspiration from me.

Pondering: Creativity ~ Just do it and enjoy the process.

Buying: My son is getting married next month. It’s a small informal wedding on the lake (doesn’t that sound romantic? ❤ ) Anyway, I bought a dress!
Watching: The Fosters

Cringing: The most dangerous letter in the alphabet: Q

Smelling: This sweet basil I brought in from my herb garden.

Hearing: I found this link and let me just say…I love the old Motown, but lets face it, it is pretty dated. I thought “I’d love to hear a more current (than 1962) of some of these songs” I chose The Miracles “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me” and after listening to the original and several other versions I chose this one as an “updated” rendition of the original.

Noticing: Chandra and I signed up for WordPress n the exact same day eight years ago. We decided we were Blog Twins.

Knowing: May Her Memory Be a Blessing

Thinking: Great tips for Talking to People who Disagree with You

Admiring: Out of the box Drew Barrynmore!

Coveting: (well not really coveting, but you know…) Delicious Keith Urban!

Mourning Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.

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