A History of Yellow Houses

Several years ago my friend Carole and I were out driving the back roads when we came to a house that was a very yellow. I was like “Wow, that’s a serious yellow”. She replied that she had read that yellow was a good color for houses that were for sale. I have no idea if this is true. also this conversation occurred ten years ago and so if it was true then I have no idea if it is true now. I do however, find it very interesting and it is what inspired me to start photographing yellow houses.

2021 Color Challenge: Yellow

17 thoughts on “A History of Yellow Houses

  1. Years ago we fixed up a house for my fil and painted it a mustardy gold color because the paint was cheap. I thought I’d hate it but as it turned out it was really beautiful, especially in the evening light of a sunny day. Sadly the 2011 tornado wrecked the house.


  2. I see that most of them are pale yellow and some are in stunning locations. I remember a very bright yellow house situated on a road junction in Shropshire, no danger of not seeing it! Thanks for your lovely post Dawn. I have enjoyed viewing these houses.


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