Festival of Leaves 2021:Week # 12 ~ Season Wrap-Up

This is the 12th and final week of this year’s Festival of Leaves. I appreciate everyone who participated, even if it was only clicking a like. 😉

We had some great entries this year and I’d like to recognize some of my favorites.

Babsje consistently brings us stories of the herons, swans, ospreys, and others from where she lives, walks, and kayaks. I was thrilled each week when she linked up with new escapades. It was hard to choose but this story of the heron as bass fisher won me over with its beautiful autumn backdrop.

Ruplai brought us many beautiful images this season but my favorite is this most intriguing leaf pattern from Barcelona.

From Words Like Honey, an autumn image that is pretty sweet also.

Geriatrix seems to have a love of yellow like I do and featured any images of this autumn color that I loved but this castle, framed so beautifully, took the prize.

I feel privileged that Xenia from Whippet Wisdom shared her conversation project in this post from October.

Our favorite Horse Addict, Anne, played along a few times but my favorites from her, from most any time, are  the views from atop her horse.

Terri at Sunday Stills has been an enthusiastic supporter during the run of this years challenge. I really can’t thank her enough but I can suggest you visit this Cozy post, if for no other reason, than to check out the eagles!

Check out the Festival of Leaves tag to find posts you might have missed.


18 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2021:Week # 12 ~ Season Wrap-Up

  1. Hi Dawn. I’m honored that you included the Heron by the gentle waterfall in your Festival of Leaves wrap up. What a kind gesture. All of the entries you’ve included have glorious leaves, including your own weekly photos. I adore this challenge and wish I was able to find more vibrant examples this year. I also wish there were a Festival of Spring Leaves where people share photos of budding leaves and those gorgeous pale leaves about to unfurl as spring erupts in all her hopefulness around the world. Around here, the Willows showing their pale yellow signs of Spring are cause for joy that winter is ending. Thanks so much for hosting the Festival of Leaves. See you next Autumn. Best, Babsje

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  3. Thank you so much for hosting this special festival Dawn, it’s been so lovely seeing the changing colours from around the world. Thank you too for the mention and I’m so glad I discovered the Festival of Leaves before all the leaves had gone! Wishing you and everyone here a very blessed festive season and a magical new year 🧡💚🧡


  4. Thanks for the mention, Dawn, and for hosting Festival of Leaves 2021! We had such a lengthy (unusual for WA) and colorful Autumn here I could post pictures every day for months and still not use them all! I very much appreciated your submitting posts to Sunday Stills and hope you continue when inspiration strikes!


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