Cosmic Photo: House Plants

I have a little story about how the image below came to be. First it should be noted that I am not very good with plants. I have the opposite of a green thumb, whatever that is, a black thumb perhaps?

I have a photography group on facebook and each week we have a theme for images we share. Last week it was “Pictures from Inside Your Home”. At the same time I read an article about things in your home that bring you good or bad luck.

One of my besties gave me a potted plant for Christmas. I asked her when she gave it to me, “What has this plant ever done to you?”

True to form, after over watering it, I left it alone and it began to die and the article about good/bad luck inspired me to photograph it for our theme. For this challenge I created a saw-tooth frame for the image and, well here we are.

Oh and from the above mentioned article referring to dead plants in your home: If you want a lively home filled with positive energy, don’t let dried-up, lifeless plants remain on display. Having dead things in your home is said to bring in dead energy, tainting the dwelling’s mojo.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: House Plants


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