Share Your World: August 11, 2018

Do You Prefer / Which Would You Rather questions:

  1. Pen or pencil ? Pen
  2. Wine or beer ? Wine
  3. Bean bags or straight-back chairs ? Straight back. I’m too old to get up out of a bean bag chair!
  4. Monty Python or Three Stooges ? Three Stooges (although honestly they are both pretty corny)


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?
What a great week with girlfriends! Long lunches, long conversations about all my favorite topics; kids, men, art, history, photography, books, movies, TV shows. It is so awesome to be a woman!

Five Friends

This is an old picture but it is of a few of the friends I got to see this week.

Share Your World 2018
Thanks Sarah for this week’s questions (which I edited for my own use) and thanks to Carol for pointing the way.

7 thoughts on “Share Your World: August 11, 2018

  1. Ahhh – time with friend me is a treasure and glad you had that- also – love how
    Your necklace coordinates so well with the dress in the first photo – !
    And love the old
    Photo – has an evening mood


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