My Delicate Chimes

I’m a bit of a wind chime fanatic. I currently have eight varieties hanging from my front porch or just below it. I’m not much of a gardener so this has become my garden, of sorts. Last year I had a big set of bamboo chimes, that were, in all honesty, quite loud. They didn’t last long. The winter winds destroyed them. I think the neighbors might be glad (lol).

I don’t really worry about the “noise” or the neighbors, I’m the quietest one on the block; except for my wind chimes. I find their music so calming. My latest set are a delicate translucent ensemble that are so light they chime at the slightest breeze; and they catch the light.

You can see the Strasburg Water Tower in the distance.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Delicate

7 thoughts on “My Delicate Chimes

  1. I love wind chimes and always admire them wherever I find one – haven’t got around to buy one yet though… Yours look beautiful and I bet the sound is too.


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