Share Your World: June 19, 2021

What did you learn the hard way?
That it’s nice to be smart but it’s smart to be nice.

Which activities make you lose track of time?
The damn internet! (haha)

Why do we seem to think of others the most after they’re gone?
I think the key phrase here is “seem to”. My mother and father are both gone now and I think of them often. When they were here I could easily call or visit but since they are not all I have is my I think of them.

Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first?
These days I can’t take anything at face value and must confirm every truth (or falsehood).

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?
June is my birthday month. Yes I said month. I celebrate all month. Its such a beautiful time of year anyway, so why not celebrate it? Plus celebrating all month gives me an excuse to catch up with friends (not that I need an excuse). I started on Sunday meeting another June birthday celebrator at a winery between our two homes. Then another evening I met a group of friends for dinner. A third evening I used a free birthday dinner coupon from a local restaurant and treated myself to a delicious $5.00 Margarita. I ended the week by with a visit to the salon where I spent a lovely afternoon catching up with my hairdresser friends and then it was on to the home of my son and daughter in law for dinner. What a great week and my birthday is not until NEXT week!

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4 thoughts on “Share Your World: June 19, 2021

  1. Thanks, Dawn for Sharing Your Festive World! Happy early Birthday! You have found a good way to celebrate LIFE by doing your month long birthday celebrations! That’s very inspiring and uplifting and thanks for sharing with everyone! (that dinner looks DELICIOUS and I’ll have one of those margaritas too, please! 😉 ) I loved your thought on wisdom (hard way lessons), that’s so very true, isn’t it? Have a really fun weekend and week!


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