Festival of Leaves 2022 Week #5: A Patchwork Orange

Autumn leaves typically begin to change from high to low. You can see this on your own trees as most often the upper leaves change first. I see this on our mountain ranges as higher elevations typically change before lower. It is the opposite in the spring. Spring up and Fall down.

With that in mind my friend and I headed to (slightly) higher elevations, slightly west, and slightly north.

I love autumn so I am hosting the 2022 Festival of Leaves Challenge. I will post every Thursday and I invite everyone to join in at any time through the week for any or all weeks.

This challenge usually runs about 10-12 weeks, with the last week being a wrap up. You can link up here or on any of the individual weeks. Be sure to tag your post Festival of Leaves so it is easy to find in the reader.

See more of my autumn images by clicking here: A Lingering Look at Autumn

To help guide you through the season check out these helpful links:

Fall Foliage Prediction Map

Techniques for Fall Color Photography


25 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2022 Week #5: A Patchwork Orange

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